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"You're him, aren't you?"

The line that began this idea. Everyone knows I love the 2004 Phantom of the Opera. I feel few know I also love the 1989 version with Robert Englund. Well, that line is part of my favorite scene of the '89 version. It's also what Sophie Metternich asks of the most famous vampire of all. Another thing The Phantom and Dracula have in common? Somewhat unwilling proteges. Enjoy!!

And to see more of Dracula, tune in to Copper. ;) #TeamMorehouse

(And yes, that's Mia Kirshner as Sophie.)

Writer's Block: See the music

What's your favorite music video of all time?

I can't pick just one, probably because I've never sat down and actually thought about having a #1 favorite video. Still, here are a few that would be in the running for the top spot -

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Long live my love of Beauty and the Beast. And Meat Loaf.

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Because I love The Cabinet of Dr. Caligary and Rob Zombie is the one I have to thank for getting me interested in it in the first place because of this video.

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Are you noticing a pattern yet?

Yeah, I like my videos dark for the most part. Sure I love The Bad Touch and What's My Age Again, but while they're fun they don't really make me feel anything. These three do.

And because it's not like it'll take up that much room since it won't embed, I'm adding this which I was introduced to three or four Halloweens ago. It's fantastic, I LOVE it, I used it for inspiration for a fic that quickly became a fan favorite and a vid that some Sylaire people enjoyed - however, I don't recommend it for sensitive types (as in if you can't handle Living Dead Girl, you REALLY won't want to click this one). I love me my Lordi. ;)



So you know what I hate? People who comment on my vids with no more then "What scene was it at *this time*?" Call it different, tell me you hate it, I don't care, just something more then that. Please.

At least I can get my revenge when my answer comes in the form of "Oh, that was from *this other project of so-and-so's*". Hey, if they're going to fill up my inbox with that, it's fair. I got 5 of them today - from the same person! "I can't remember *this* ever happening on this show." Well maybe it's because I wanted to be creative and use other clips in place of using the same old ones over and over - mix it up a little. I've worked hard to track down other things - hours spent downloading you don't even want to know. If at the end of the day I feel like having it pay off like that then I figure I should be allowed.

In other news, I love my brand new DVD ripper so far. No watermark, nothin'. File size is a bit bigger then I'd hoped for, but it's still smaller then when I first render my vids from Sony Vegas so I'm not gonna complain. Of course the original reason I dl'd it was kinda for nothing but oh well - at least it worked for somethin'! And on that note, I'm actually glad I now own Love 101 lol. I like it a lot more then I thought I would. And not just for the eye candy of win. ;)

A time to cheer - ish

After 2 months, 4 days and 18 pages I've FINALLY finished the follow-up to "Something to be Thankful For" - likely won't have it posted for another few days, but I FINISHED IT!!

I'm still bitter about that one vid being ripped out from under me, but I'll get over it eventually. Once I come up with another kickass vid idea for that ship at least... There just aren't enough enough Bonnie Tyler-esque power love ballads.

In the meantime I once used a certain VM song for a Shadam vid. Now I've taken a song from Y&R and used it for DoVe. That'll likely be my next V/Lamb vid upload. Not sure I'm happy with it yet though so we'll see. I've also got another I'm working on as I type. YEP! More V/Lamb vids FINALLY!!

And fics too - after the follow-up to "Something to be Thankful For" will be a New Year's fic that I have Billy Miller to thank for. Only sad thing is I think I'm falling out of love with his character, Billy Abbott... Not liking where he's headed. Whatever happened to that new leaf he was turning over?!

Gah, anyway - in real life news my kitchen's flooded (thanks to a washing machine we can't replace) and just all kinds of other random fuckery. I'm sleepy. And I still have so much more to do

*back to vidding*

Vids, vids, vids

Got a new one up over at sylar_claire. Would link it here, but I'd rather people watch this one since Shadam needs more love.

A Genoa City Love Story: Adam/Sharon

And yes, I know Jack is one of Sharon's ex-husbands but he's irritating me right now, so he gets stuck with that title for this vid! Besides, that scene of him interrupting them is clearly canon, so yeah

Sooner or later the kids will come home to a stripper who's danced all she can

What did I get myself into? I do good to do a Sylaire vid to a 3-minute song these days. Now I'm working on one I swore I'd never do to a song that's almost 5 minutes long (sure I could cut an interlude out, but not with my love of this song).

"Dangerous Game" from Jekyll and Hyde. The Linda Eder/Anthony Warlow version! I accept NOTHING less. I have no self-control with that musical apparently. Damn my overidentification with Lucy!! Plus I'm still not over having possibly heard from the real Latham Gaines. And I still worry he was insulted by my mention of him being the perfect actor to portray Jekyll and Hyde *head desk*. Most humilating moment with an actor for me? No. But possibly close.

Brother comes home after school every day to a step-dad who beats him and a mother who prays... That he'll grow up to be just like his brother Jay and not fucked up like his old man...

Will I ever forget where I was on 12/9/00?? And why the fuck am I listening to that "urban Southern homie" now? I'm not gettin' rid of the damn accent tonight... No way. Thanks, Brad. Appreciate it *facepalm* I really don't mind if you pack your shit and go away. I don't even miss him! WTF, brain?!

Anyway, since I'm using a Shadam icon FINALLY - why couldn't Adam get an attorney named Cliff today?! That would've made my day almost more than "Let's make sure we lock the door this time"