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I has new vid of win

It's actually got something for nearly everyone... Well unless you don't ship any of these pairings... Anyway -

My Heaven is Your Hell

Multifandom tribute to some of my favorite underrated, underloved and unconventional pairings:

Veronica Mars: Veronica/Lamb and Logan/Madison
Robin Hood: Guy/Marian
NCIS: Kate/Ari
Heroes: Sylar/Claire, Nathan/Peter and Noah(HRG)/Tracy
The Young and the Restless: Adam/Sharon

Omg! Fangirl is having a moment.

Okay, today's Y&R was BEAUTIFUL! No Michael scenes, but still. The Daniel/Amber shipper in me is in FULL FORCE (they're getting married tomorrow!!) and I think I almost ship Mac/Cane. Doug and Thom are incredible. I HATE that they fired Thom. I'm really going to miss him!!

Also - I have new hope for Heroes. Something to remind myself not to throw in the towel yet. TODD EFFING STASHWICK. I've been so angry with the show lately that I completely forgot he joined the cast. I luff him. I do. I have for years. It's the eyes, they drive me crazy. I think I first really noticed him back during S1 of WEEDS when he was the campus security cop who tried to screw Nancy over and Conrad beat him up as payback - AND got Todd's character to give Nancy back her weed. Psych fans would remember him as Gus' boss - not the one who had the "ghost problem" but the one who ordered Gus to quit his "other job". Yes he does typically play jerks, but lemme tell you something - one look at his Twitter (that I JUST found out he has: THANK YOU WENDI!!!!) has once again proven what I've known all along - sometimes the actors who are made to play the biggest assholes are the nicest guys. Peter Greene may not have a Twitter (or a Facebook or a MySpace or any of the others), but if he did I'd prove it where he's concerned too!

Also: I'm making a bit of a "fuck you" vid where Kring's concerned. He can kill Nathan - but he can never, ever kill the special bond between Nathan and Peter. I've wanted to make this vid for at least a year and I'm finally doing it. crashgirl82 I especially hope you like it - it's something that I hope takes a bit of the sting away for us because in no way will Petrellicest be dead to me, nor will Midrian. I hope this song and this video will prove that.

And why did no one tell me that multi-fandom vids are harder than they look? And harder than "regular" vids? Even my Elle/Adam Wilson vid wasn't this hard. But it's to a song I LOVE - can't stop listening to it and it's featuring nearly all of my favorite, unconventional, nearly canon and underloved ships. I don't have any Robin Hood on the comp so sadly Guy/Marian have to sit this one out. But I've got Madison/Logan (bash me all you want for it, I don't care, I LOVE them together!), Veronica/Lamb (of course!), Sylar/Claire, Noah/Tracy, Adam/Sharon and last but not least - Kate/Ari. All set to probably the most perfect song for a video of this kind given that so many hate the ships I love - you'll find out what when I'm done ;)

ETA: Make that UBER fangirl moment - Todd replied to my Tweet ALREADY!!

Have I mentioned they're pretty?

Behold! My first Adam/Sharon vid! Will there be more? Maybe. For now though I just realized how well this song fit them and decided to run with it.

And expect a Jack/Emily .gif later. I heart them too and today, well, let's just say Jack already knew Emily was a good catch and now Emily's getting the hint :DDD In the meantime I'm looking for the clip of the TV love of my life (BILLY ABBOTT!) drinking his beer through a crazy straw. It was either yesterday's ep or day before yesterday's - having to go through and find out. And if I can find a certain removal of an ankle monitor from July while I'm at it so much the better!

I did it. I made a Syelle vid.

Wild Roses (Sylar/Elle)

Song: Where the Wild Roses Grow - Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue

I maintain this takes place (clearly) before Elle was resurrected (I'm guessing by Momo) and went off to exact revenge on Sylar, thereby meeting Mary Jane Benson aka Patty Williams at Sylar's father's place when she was there to get Mr. Kitty taken care of (someone had to be her taxidermist!) and ended up getting a ride with MJ/Patty to Genoa City where she met and fell in love with the half-blind, sociopathic son of Victor Newman: Adam Wilson. Yes that is my story. And yes I am sticking to it :P

So it's finally happened...

Yeah... I made this... Today...

It's not enough I don't ship LoVe... Now I officially ship Logan/Madison (not more than DoVe - there's no ship I ship more than DoVe lol). At least here I know why. They're like the VM version of Angels in America's Joe/Louis for me.

Also: I'm making a Syelle vid right now that I doubt is gonna win me any friends. It's not even anti-Syelle, it's just kinda on the "holy effing crap" side. WTF, brain, WTF?

Edit: TEMPORARY INSANITY! OF COURSE!! We're 6 days from the 7th. Most of you don't know... but you'll find out. I tend to go a little schitzo in October - especially since 2005

Epic video is EPIC!

For the first (and I hope not the last) time, I present my very first true AU Crossover ship video: Adam Wilson/Elle Bishop

I spent an embarrassing amount of time making this and I'm actually proud of it given that I insisted on not using a single clip that wasn't from Y&R or Heroes. You know the drill - comment, rate, tell me I've lost my mind. Either way, this is one I really hope you guys will at least check out for just the manipping and such. Some is obvious, I know, but for those that aren't - yeah... Now - go! Watch! Enjoy! Comment!

Oh. Right - most people are just gonna think I did this for Michael/Kristen. No. There is a method to my madness. Adam and Elle are both sociopathic, both attempted (and in Elle's case, actual) murderers who both know a thing or 5 about Daddy Issues and imprisonment. The actors just make it a bonus ;)

Fics and vids... at some point

I've managed to get my next installment for the fic of win typed on my laptop - just not on this comp yet. I finally feel up to do it today and yet it's gonna storm any minute which means it's not gonna happen until the storm's over which could be who knows when - and that makes me sad 'cause I haven't felt this energetic in a week.

Working on a few new vids - one of which I have General Hospital to thank oddly enough (I never watch it, but the carnival bit intrigued me); Storm by Lifehouse is an amazing song that played during that ep's midshow montoge and now it's the backdrop to one of my most ambitious vids of all. How ambitious? Taking 2 characters from 2 very different shows (well maybe not too different, HEROES is looking more and more like a soap opera for people with super powers lol) without using ANY clips from the show the actors worked on together. That's right 100% Adam Wilson/Elle Bishop. No Sheriff Lamb, no Veronica Mars; not even a glimpse of any of their other characters. Maybe I'm crazy, maybe I'm awesome - really, I can't wait to see the final product (and I'm so close!!).

One thing about vids I do hate though is when I have to try to find a song to build around a vid I want to do and can't. Oh why oh why must you give me dialogue and scenes of win, Y&R? Oh. Right. 'Cause you proved your awesomeness back in May *pets CBS*

As for fics - I have more ideas than I know what to do with atm. Thanks in large part to the October prompts over at vmfic_gameon I won't say the idea I'm loving the most, but I am loving the idea and if I can get it written then yay team me lol. love_is_epic got me to swear I wouldn't kill Logan though... And really I'm okay with that because I never want it to seem like V would only turn to Lamb and or end up with him because Logan wasn't around. That's not how I roll. For me V chooses Lamb because she *GASP* actually wants to. And I still maintain that had Lamb not died and we'd gotten a S4 we would've been seeing a ceiling caving in if you catch my Spuffy drift.

And that reminds me! I'm really wondering now how I don't ship Syelle. Was it just because I was so incredibly RAH-RAH Sylaire back when it was going on? Was I too obsessed with Noelle? Or is it just because it felt so forced? Yeah. I think I'll go with that one because I can think of two other ships I LOVE now where the guy did kill the woman. But both of those had 2 seasons worth of build up for the characters... Wow - now I feel better.

But still uber Halloween-mode girl is ironically working on a fairytale-like vid. Bonnie Tyler :love: And then there's Storm. Thank you GH for having the carnival and making me watch you that day!!

And this can always use more pimpage L.A. Cancer Challenge 2009

Boring day is boring *now with vid*

FF, Twitter and LJ are all dead zones for me today. I know - it's a gorgeous Saturday, but you know what - I'm too hungry to care.

Anyway - I'm uploading a vid now that I totally love. It's FINALLY another upbeat one! I'm a little irritated though because another angsty one that I was so thrilled I could do keeps coming out wonky. Wide-lense appearance. I've never had that happen before and I didn't do anything any differently with that vid than my others, so yeah - might have to redo it in Vegas and if I do I just might not do it at all. I'm STILL working on another vid I started almost a month ago in Vegas... The song begs for certain effects and coloring - so yeah.

Beyond that I've already gotten TWO fics written for 1x11 for vm_redux. We haven't even gotten to the ep watch yet, but I've sat out the last two eps (not intentionally) just because I couldn't come up with anything. AND I'm still working on the "Crushed" follow-up. Basically I know how I want it to end - one guess. But it's just a matter of getting to that ending that I'm having an issue with. Other than that - you all HAD to know I was gonna do this at some point. I heart it -

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I've been looking EVERYWHERE for this one song - I JUST found it!! Gary Allan's "Can't Quit Her" - I've already used the song to inspire a fic - and I can't wait to post it. But now I have Maroon 5's "Wake Up Call", Ray Wylie Hubbard's "Wanna Rock 'n' Roll" AND Gary Allan's "Can't Quit Her"!!

Not sure what it says about me that I'm in a love triangle / murder song kinda mood (all 3 songs have the two guys and a girl theme - someone dies in each one) - but there is a point to this post. It means more vids! :D

Though if anyone can remind me of any Heroes eps where we see HRG at night and or in a car (not counting the van in 3x08) I'll owe you a huge thank you (and likely a hug) - if anyone can think of more songs like those three I'm all ears (or eyes) for those too