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A time to cheer - ish

After 2 months, 4 days and 18 pages I've FINALLY finished the follow-up to "Something to be Thankful For" - likely won't have it posted for another few days, but I FINISHED IT!!

I'm still bitter about that one vid being ripped out from under me, but I'll get over it eventually. Once I come up with another kickass vid idea for that ship at least... There just aren't enough enough Bonnie Tyler-esque power love ballads.

In the meantime I once used a certain VM song for a Shadam vid. Now I've taken a song from Y&R and used it for DoVe. That'll likely be my next V/Lamb vid upload. Not sure I'm happy with it yet though so we'll see. I've also got another I'm working on as I type. YEP! More V/Lamb vids FINALLY!!

And fics too - after the follow-up to "Something to be Thankful For" will be a New Year's fic that I have Billy Miller to thank for. Only sad thing is I think I'm falling out of love with his character, Billy Abbott... Not liking where he's headed. Whatever happened to that new leaf he was turning over?!

Gah, anyway - in real life news my kitchen's flooded (thanks to a washing machine we can't replace) and just all kinds of other random fuckery. I'm sleepy. And I still have so much more to do

*back to vidding*
Tags: fics, shadam, tv, updates, v/lamb, veronica mars, vids, y&r

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