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Sooner or later the kids will come home to a stripper who's danced all she can

What did I get myself into? I do good to do a Sylaire vid to a 3-minute song these days. Now I'm working on one I swore I'd never do to a song that's almost 5 minutes long (sure I could cut an interlude out, but not with my love of this song).

"Dangerous Game" from Jekyll and Hyde. The Linda Eder/Anthony Warlow version! I accept NOTHING less. I have no self-control with that musical apparently. Damn my overidentification with Lucy!! Plus I'm still not over having possibly heard from the real Latham Gaines. And I still worry he was insulted by my mention of him being the perfect actor to portray Jekyll and Hyde *head desk*. Most humilating moment with an actor for me? No. But possibly close.

Brother comes home after school every day to a step-dad who beats him and a mother who prays... That he'll grow up to be just like his brother Jay and not fucked up like his old man...

Will I ever forget where I was on 12/9/00?? And why the fuck am I listening to that "urban Southern homie" now? I'm not gettin' rid of the damn accent tonight... No way. Thanks, Brad. Appreciate it *facepalm* I really don't mind if you pack your shit and go away. I don't even miss him! WTF, brain?!

Anyway, since I'm using a Shadam icon FINALLY - why couldn't Adam get an attorney named Cliff today?! That would've made my day almost more than "Let's make sure we lock the door this time"
Tags: fandom, heroes, jekyll and hyde, random, real life, shadam, sylaire, vids, y&r

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