josiefier (josiefier) wrote,

Writer's Block: See the music

What's your favorite music video of all time?

I can't pick just one, probably because I've never sat down and actually thought about having a #1 favorite video. Still, here are a few that would be in the running for the top spot -

Long live my love of Beauty and the Beast. And Meat Loaf.

Because I love The Cabinet of Dr. Caligary and Rob Zombie is the one I have to thank for getting me interested in it in the first place because of this video.

Are you noticing a pattern yet?

Yeah, I like my videos dark for the most part. Sure I love The Bad Touch and What's My Age Again, but while they're fun they don't really make me feel anything. These three do.

And because it's not like it'll take up that much room since it won't embed, I'm adding this which I was introduced to three or four Halloweens ago. It's fantastic, I LOVE it, I used it for inspiration for a fic that quickly became a fan favorite and a vid that some Sylaire people enjoyed - however, I don't recommend it for sensitive types (as in if you can't handle Living Dead Girl, you REALLY won't want to click this one). I love me my Lordi. ;)
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