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So you know what I hate? People who comment on my vids with no more then "What scene was it at *this time*?" Call it different, tell me you hate it, I don't care, just something more then that. Please.

At least I can get my revenge when my answer comes in the form of "Oh, that was from *this other project of so-and-so's*". Hey, if they're going to fill up my inbox with that, it's fair. I got 5 of them today - from the same person! "I can't remember *this* ever happening on this show." Well maybe it's because I wanted to be creative and use other clips in place of using the same old ones over and over - mix it up a little. I've worked hard to track down other things - hours spent downloading you don't even want to know. If at the end of the day I feel like having it pay off like that then I figure I should be allowed.

In other news, I love my brand new DVD ripper so far. No watermark, nothin'. File size is a bit bigger then I'd hoped for, but it's still smaller then when I first render my vids from Sony Vegas so I'm not gonna complain. Of course the original reason I dl'd it was kinda for nothing but oh well - at least it worked for somethin'! And on that note, I'm actually glad I now own Love 101 lol. I like it a lot more then I thought I would. And not just for the eye candy of win. ;)
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